Relocating this blog

October 8, 2009

I’ve finally found a much smoother way to post photos, so I’ll be doing that on Flickr instead of here.  The last 14 months of my life in vusual form are now here:


One Response to “Relocating this blog”

  1. kenya said

    Wassup Lady? Hazel Barnett resigned, much prep for her luncheon celebration set for tomorrow afternoon. Walked up front to toss a well translated winterizing demo announcement in the mail, and there you were. Full as daylight, being pasted onto a dusty rose colored scrap book page. Beautiful. Rita (new admin specialist working with major institutions) never had the pleasure of working with you, but somehow could sense that you needed to be included… and then later on, Takakawa was talking about your dedication to the tree fund… You’re still with us, a slight breeze that blows thru DON from time to time. Thank you… Please plant a seed somewhere very special for my Mom who passed away suddenly this summer. Thank you! Peace be yours on this journey. One love, Kenya

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